Book Cover Shoot – Statement of Intent

With reference to the Book Cover Shoot, here is my statement of intent and other information.

I hereby submit my in intention to fulfil my assignment brief (Part A) The creation of a book dust jacket. The principle of the assignment is laid out below.

I understand that the dust book cover is to be created in a profession manner using industry-established techniques. The theme of my design will be the supernatural, fairy tale or some form of darkness. The front design will be created photographically with the artwork design produced using Photoshop and possibly other software.

The theme, yet to be finalised, will of a sinister nature possibly in the “woman in black” style.

The photography will be moody with a grain effect possibly taken in a graveyard or other spooky places. Suitable permission will be acquired from all sources pertaining to the use of the location.

It is my intention to use a model on location in a graveyard or other suitable place yet to be determined. A model release form will be appropriated and signed by the model. Health and safety issues will be examined, discussed and acted upon. The model will supply clothing and makeup in keeping with the style of the shoot.

The shoot may be at short notice, as I would prefer snowy conditions for the effect I have visualised. The dust jacket image will be composed in camera with the view of using the whole image to cover the front and rear of the dust jacket. I will have a secondary plan should this not be possible; this will be in the form of a complimentary image on the back cover together with all the usual author and content blurb.

All areas of the process will be noted and photographed for proof of evidence.

The dust jacket will wrap around an existing book approximately 9” x 6” with a 1” spine. Included in the design will be a bar code and a QR code. The work in progress will be included in my blog at regular intervals (Part C)

Part B and C of the assignment will be a short movie of which its content is yet to be realised. The Blog will be dated as the work progresses.

I have been working on a couple of dust jacket designs just to get an impression of the kind of look I am after.

The dust jacket cover below was my first attempt, not bad for a first try but not the style I am looking for.


The Mad Hatter artwork by David San Gabriel. [accessed 7/11/2012]

Albert Einstein image. [accessed 28/09/2012]

The dust jacket below was my second attempt. I feel this is much better and close to the sinister style I am looking for. My next efforts will be to create a  dust jacket using just one image.


Photo of Angela copyright Mel France

Abraham Lincoln photo by Alexander Gardner 1863

Below are images influencing my dust jacket style.

[accessed 18/10/2012]

[accessed 18/10/2012]

[accessed 22/09/2012]

[accessed 29/10/2012]

[accessed 28/10/2012]

[accessed 28/10/2012]

[accessed 14/10/2012]

[accessed 28/09/2012]

Original woman in black book cover [accesses 01/11/2012]

Information on planning the shoot.

Preparation for the Shoot

Equipment required.

I would probably bring two camera bodies, my 24-70mm, a wide angle and a prime lens for low light detail shots. My 70-200mm f/2.8 IS Lens. Tripod and wireless triggers together with three flashguns and fully charged batteries.

Check settings on my cameras. As I will be shooting RAW my memory cards will be cleared so I have the maximum amount of space for my images. The location will have been checked out previously so I will have a reasonable idea of camera settings.

The equipment will have been cleaned and checked beforehand this will include cleaning both ends of each lens

Check directions and confirm with the model.

For this particular shoot, the model will be supplying her own design of clothing, which will be appropriate to the theme of the shoot. The model will also attend to make up matters

Make sure I have all details including my shoot list and any sample sketches.

The Day of the Shoot

Plan to arrive early.

Pick up the model

Review the details.

Visualise the scene. How will I shoot it?  At what angle?  How would I compose the shot?  Which lens would I use?

Take provisions for breaks and bad weather

Take images of the shoot for records

More information will be added as the project progresses.


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